Property Swaps

If you live in a home that doesn't meet your needs, is in an area that is not ideal or you simply want to make a fresh start, you can advertise for a swap. This could be locally or in another part of the country altogether.

Property swapping is an easy and inexpensive way for affordable housing tenants to move home and can be much quicker than applying for a transfer. You don't have to be a Melville tenant to use the service but there are certain rules you must follow, most importantly you MUST seek permission from your landlord before exchanging with another tenant.

If you would like to advertise your property for a swap please click here.

Once you have registered your property, it is then up to you to find someone suitable to swap with. This might be another Melville tenant, a council tenant of a tenant of another housing association.

For a list of currently available properties please click here.

Please be aware that when you register your property, your details will not be added to the online list instantly. We must first approve them. We aim to do this within one working day. To be included you must give a contact phone number and/or email address so that anyone interested in swapping with you can make contact. Only in exceptional circumstance will we allow properties without contact details to feature.

We will keep the Property Swap list as up-to-date as possible however it is up to you to let us know if any information, including contact details, change. If you wish to let us know about any changes or if you would like us to remove your property from the list, please get in touch by email.

To find out more about swapping properties click here or you can download a copy of our swap policy below.



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