Role of the Board

The Melville Housing Association Board is responsible for all aspects of our activities. It may delegate some of its functions to sub-Boards, working groups or advisory panels, and employed staff, in accordance with its rules and standing orders.

It's the Board's job to:

  • provide Melville with leadership, control and direction
  • ensure that Melville achieves its aims and objectives, and good outcomes for its tenants and other service users
  • make sure that Melville complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements


The Board must have at least seven members (and no more than 15) elected by its membership.

Full Board members must be aged 18 or over, meet the Board eligibility requirements as set out in the rules, be a member of Melville Housing Association, and be elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

In the event that the maximum number of Board members are not appointed following any AGM, the Board may co-opt additional persons to fill any vacancies. Co-optees will never make up more than a third of the Board’s membership at any given time.

A casual vacancy is created when an elected member leaves the Board between AGMs. When this happens the Board may appoint a new member to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

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