Looking After Your Home and Garden

paintingWe expect all Melville tenants to look after their homes and gardens. You can find out more about what's expected of you in your tenancy agreement.


If you're a Melville tenant, we're happy for you to decorate your own home. If you need a bit of help or advice there are lots of DIY websites available.

Melville tenants who wish to strip wallpaper can borrow a steamer from us free of charge (although a £5 deposit is required). Unless agreed otherwise the steamer can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks. If you don't return it after the two week period is up then we may charge you for the cost of a replacement.


Usually tenants are responsible for providing flooring for their homes, however Melville has teamed up with Zero Waste Scotland on an innovative new project designed to help out tenants while at the same time benefiting the environment.

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The project, which came about following a meeting with Melville tenants, sees reconditioned carpet tiles saved from landfill and instead offered at no cost to tenants who are struggling to find the money to provide floor coverings for their homes.

Protecting your Belongings

In order to protect your possessions in the event of fire, flood or theft, we recommend all tenants take out home contents insurance.

If you live in a flat then a problem might happen that’s not even in your own home. Flooding in flats above can often cause damage to homes below. We’ll fix walls, plaster and wiring but we can’t replace carpets, furniture or personal belongings. That’s why you need to have contents insurance.

You choose which insurance company you want to use. For information, the SFHA Diamond scheme has been designed especially for tenants and is delivered at a fair price.

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You can also find out more, or request an application form, by contacting your housing officer.

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