Downsizing Survey

We’d like to find out what you think about changes to the way we encourage downsizing.

We recently decided to scrap the £500 downsizing incentive because it wasn’t working. Originally introduced to encourage those affected by the bedroom tax to consider moving, it was designed to free up larger, family homes but last year was paid to just six tenants and all of them would have moved anyway, mostly for medical reasons. Melville's Board felt the £3,000 could be better spent elsewhere.

We’re now looking at other ways of encouraging those in homes too big for them to move to more suitably sized properties, and we’d like to hear what you think. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey.

If you would prefer to receive a paper copy please request one by email or by calling 0131 654 2733.

All completed forms returned before Friday 22 October 2021 will be entered into a quarterly prize draw for the chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.

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