Renting Garage Plots and Lock-ups

We have garage plots and lock-ups to rent across Midlothian and in Forth, South Lanarkshire. You don't have to be a Melville tenant to rent one and prices start at £38 (for a garage plot). If you’re interested please fill in the form below. Alternatively you can get in touch and we can tell you what we have available.

Garage Plot and Lock-up Application Form

I would like to put my name down on the waiting list for a lock-up garage and/or garage plot in the following area(s):

Mayfield Lock-ups

Penicuik Lock-ups

Poltonhall Lock-ups

Bonnyrigg Garage Plots

Easthouses Garage Plots

Forth (South Lanarkshire) Garage Plots

Mayfield Garage Plots

Penicuik Garage Plots

Poltonhall Garage Plots

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